FS22 TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer

The Lizard Logistics X52 Series expands his horizon of operation getting the Most advanced Dry Van Trailer and Reefer!

With the X52 Enclosed Trailer you have an extremely balanced trailer with active and dynamic suspension on all the axles allowing the maximum terrain contact even with heavy loads!

Featuring 2 variations, a classic Dry Van Trailer and a Reefer

Options available to customize your Enclosed Trailer:
– Configurations: 6 Main configurations:
– Standard
– All Products Pallets AUTOLOAD
– All Products Pallets AUTOLOAD (unreal capacity)
– Reefer
– Reefer with all edible Products Pallets AUTOLOAD
– Reefer with all edible Products Pallets AUTOLOAD(unreal capacity)
– Wheels: Choose between 4 main axle distribution options
– 2 Front Axles
– 2 Rear Axles
– Spread Axles
– Tripple Axles
– 3 Brands for the wheels; Continental, Lizard and Nokian
– Decals: Featuring the latest Kubota DLC
– Extras: Mudguards selection and selection of rear lights
– Rear hitch attacher as an option

Price: 82000$ (base)