FS19 Reshade Better Colors & Realism by animatiV

This setting changes the colors to a more natural. Light and solar effects have been added and lightly sharpened the picture.

*This setting was tested on Reshade v4.0.1
*Now supports Reshade 4.0.2 version
Download and install Reshade from:
Install in the main game directory (where the .exe file) by selecting OpenGL
Paste the downloaded settings file into the same place.
In the game, enter the Reshade settings (Home key) and select the downloaded file.
Run in performance mode.
That’s all

Fullpack (Reshade4.0.2+Preset) Links: Please do not re-upload files!
Extract the files to the main game directory (where the .exe file)


animatiV - Preset, crosire - Reshade