FS22 New Holland TM Pack v1.1

Hello here is one of many updates for this TM Pack Mod.
– Separated xml and I3D for realism. Scaling fuel tanks, mudguard extensions for smaller TM’s, wheels, other parts
– Fixed bonnet opening when worker hired issue
– Fixed lighting statics and states issue
– Added colour configurations
– Added manual hydraulic levers for TM120-155 for realism
– Added higher quality gear levers for both TM120 and TM190 etc
– Changed the mirrors for realism TM
– Added more realistically sized wheels for smaller TM
– New rims, hubs and wheels for Both TM’s more accurate to real life
– Top bonnet grill added to TM120-155
– IC revised and updated with more IC
– Added PTO to front link
– Exhaust configuration
– Rim Colour Configuration
– Updated Prices
– Key added with IC
– Direction shuttle animated


Deus Volt