FS22 Bale Storages

Storage for round and square bales

Round bale storage: hay, straw, grass and silage.
Costs each: 50.000 $
Daily costs: 50 $
Capacity: 2.500.000 L

Square bales storage: hay, straw, grass and silage
Costs in each case: 50,000 $
Daily costs: 50 $
Capacity: 2.600.000 L

Tarpaulins and roof with color choice

– Descriptions improved
– Translations improved
– Round bale stores can now be demolished
– Store and mod icons now without fences
– Added snow free zone for all stores
– Placing into each other is now only possible with activated Free Placing
– Display now shows 7 digits
– Script update for APalletSilo(Version:, SiloObjectFillLevelSpecialisation(Version: and SiloDisplaySpecialisation(Version:
– Fences removed


Achimobil / San