FS22 Medieval Granary

After the traditional pigeon breeding had lost its importance, it was decided to convert the medieval dovecotes into silos.
Some became simple grain silos, others were fitted with gigantic auxiliary underground storage tanks, allowing large amounts of numerous crops to fit in, as well as farm supplies.
Other of these dovecotes have also been turned into buying stations and buying silos.
In the former, you can buy not only animal food, but also all kinds of farm supplies in any quantity.
With the latter you can buy and store farm supplies such as seeds and fertilizer.
Some of the dovecotes have been turned into purely decorative objects.

Prices and capacities:

Grain Silos:
1: 100,000 liters, $5,000
2: 200,000 liters, $5,000
3: 400,000 liters, $10,000

Multi-fruit silos:
1: 5,000,000 liters, $5,000
2: 5,000,000 liters, $5,000
3: 10,000,000 liters, $10,000

Buying station:
Purchasable: straw, grass, hay, silage, mineral feed, TMR, corn, pig feed, wheat, oats, barley, millet, sunflower, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beet, rapeseed, mineral fertilizer, lime, seed, water, liquid fertilizer, herbicide, Manure, liquid manure, ensiling agents
Price: $1,000

Purchase silos:
Purchasable: seed, mineral feed, mineral fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer, herbicide, manure, liquid manure, silage additive
Capacity: 30,000 liters
Price: $1,000

Decoration objects:
Price: $200

Slots on consoles:
Building 1: each 2 slots
Building 2: each 3 slots
Building 3: each 3 slots