FS22 Grain Drying Shed

Grain drying shed for grain.

Had a wet harvest? Need to dry your grain so you can sell it for a better price?
Well look no further, this grain drying shed is the answer.
Simply input your grain (wheat,barley,oat) and the fuel (woodchip) and you are good to go!
With a dedicated sell point you are guaranteed to get a significantly better profit on your grains!

Grain drying shed:
Construction cost: 40000 $
Daily cost: 50$

Production recipes:

Dry Wheat: 1000 Wheat 100 Woodchips (2400 Cycles / Month $120 /Month)
Dry Barley: 1000 Barley 100 Woodchips (2400 Cycles / Month $120 / Month)
Dry Oat: 1000 Oats 100 Woodchips (2400 Cycles / Month $120 / Month)

500000l Woodchips
500000l Wheat
500000l Barley
500000l Oats

500000l Dry Wheat
500000l Dry Barley
500000l Dry Oat

Selling point:
Construction cost: 50$