FS22 Fendt 400 Vario Farmer/TMS V1.1.0.0

-Factory: Marktoberdorf,Germany
-Production: Fendt Vario: 2006 – 2012
Fendt Farmer Vario: 1999 – 2006
-Top speed: 50 Kph
-Shop Category: Small Tractors
-Price:Fendt Vario-64200€
Fendt Farmer Vario-61200€

Engine configuration:
Standard engine:Fendt Vario-Deutz 4.0L 4-cyl diesel
Fendt Farmer-Deutz 3.8L 4-cyl diesel

-Fendt 411 Vario 85 kW / 115 HP
-Fendt 412 Vario 92 kW / 125 HP
-Fendt 413 Vario 99 kW / 135 HP
-Fendt 414 Vario 107 kW / 145 HP
-Fendt 415 Vario 114 kW / 155 HP

-Fendt Farmer 409 Vario 70 kW / 95 HP
-Fendt Farmer 410 Vario 81 kW / 110 HP
-Fendt Farmer 411 Vario 87 kW / 118 HP
-Fendt Farmer 412 Vario 94 kW / 128 HP

-Forest cage: No/Yes
-Wheels: Trelleborg,Michelin,Continental,Mitas,BKT,Vredestein,Nokian
-Wheels config: Chains,Weights,Kock & Sohn kn200,Wheels Back,Inverted front tire,Wide tires,Twin wheels back narrow,Narrow wheels (56 configurations for tires)
-Front fenders: None/Design 1/Design 2
-Beacon lights: None/Design 1 (left/right/both)/Design 2 (left/right/both)
-Warning signs: None/Design 1/Design 2
-Hood protection: None/Design 1/Design 2
-Isobus CCI200 Terminal: No/Lemken/Zunhammer/Kuhn/Krone/Amazone
-Decals: None/Design 1/Design 2
-Chainsaw: None/Stihl/Husqvarna
-Front PTO: No/Yes
-Front loader attacher: Quicke/Hauer/Fendt/Stoll
-Main color
-Exhaust Grid color
-Grid mask color
-Forest cage color
-Rim color

Interactive Control:
-Door Left
-Door Right
-Window Back
-Window Front
-Window Left
-Window Right
-Roof Window
-Steering Base
-Passinger seat
-Bottom Arm Front Folding
-Warning Signs Folding
-Beacon Lights Folding
-Cabin Light
-Beacon light
-Start Engine

Prepared for:
*Interactive Control*
*Guidance Steering*
*Precision Farming*
*Kubota Pack Passenger Extension*
*Exhaust Extension*
*Cabin Panels*
*Fendt Cargo Pack*
*Stoll Robust F30*
*Dashboard Live*
*Isobus Terminal CCI200*

Hello folks, I decided to share the Fendt 400 series, the mod is from FS 19 and I converted it.
Everything is set for FS 22 standard, a lot of effort and time has been invested.
You can see that a lot of configurations, animations and details have been added, the mod has no errors. If you I like the mod
I would like you to rate it! If the mod has any problems, please let me know.
Have fun playing!

Thanks to XX_Malle_XX for permission to publish!

Changelog: V1.1.0.0
-Added Isobus CCI200 Terminal configuration
-Added SMV sign in warning sign configuration
-Added Vehicle Control Addon
-Added French translation
-Added Dashboard Live
-The carpet configuration has been deleted
-Fixed some sounds on animations
-Fixed some textures

*!!Log is clean!!*
*please respect the authors of this mod!*
*Please keep only original download link!*
*Please do not edit this version!*


Fs19:Cayman718, XX_Malle_XX, Sirjoki80, [DeAL] Lance, PeterAH, Lumiklp411

Uploaded by Luka_HR