FS22 Crocken Farm

Welcome to Crocken Farm.
A fictional place, somewhere in the UK.

In new farmer mode, you have inherited Crocken Farm.
Use the existing machinery. Its a little worn and damaged but it will allow you to start your farming business.
Work the fields you now own and acquire more to increase your profits.
Buy some animals too.
But most of all, Have fun!

-36 fields, many shapes and sizes.
-All areas of the map can be bought.
-Custom animal husbandry built into map.
-All farm buildings including animal husbandry can be sold.
-Many textures, plants and grass to paint down.
-A free water source at the pond opposite field 30.
-2 additional crops, Rye and Fieldbean.
-Use of bigger machinery possible.
-20 collectables to be found.
-Starting machinery and farm buildings on New Farmer mode.
-8 sell points.
-An area to place productions.
-Animal dealer.

I hope you enjoy playing Crocken Farm, my first map, as I have enjoyed making it.