FS19 Zetor Crystal Serie

Hello, I present you the next mod for FS2019 – Zetor Crystal series for FS19.
My mod has a new design, new features, configurations, and many other improvements.

Mod functions:
-All FS19 standards
-UDIM textures
-Front attacher/weight configs
-Simple IC (Bonnet, Doors, Roof, Side Windows and Back Window)
-Engine configuration (150/160)
-Animated display
-Suspended cab
-Rims color config
-Suspended seat
-Full lighting
-Wheels configurations
-Animated Pedals,transmission, thorttles..
-Dynamic hoses
-And much more..

Mod hasn’t errors in LOG!!!

Please keep only my download link!


Bananos Joe, Tube Modding

Uploaded by Tube Modding