FS22 Work Camera

Reverse cameras, pipe cameras, grain tank cameras, belt system cameras, front loader cameras and more!

This is a global mod that adds work cameras to almost every vehicle and implement in the game.

It includes more than 1500 work cameras that works right out of the box.

You can easily add more cameras to existing equipment and also to your own mods.

The mod includes a detailed documentation and even a Giants Editor Script to make the process easier and faster.

It has a menu where you can:
– Change the position of the camera on the screen
– Change the size of the camera on the screen
– Change fov, far clip and near clip of the selected camera

Key bindings:
– left shift + C: Turn on / off the work cameras of the selected vehicle / equipment
– left ctrl + C: Change to the next work camera
– unset: Change to the previous camera
– left alt + C: Open the menu

Special thanks to [NMC]T-Bone


Bargon Mods, Oscar_8599