FS19 Water Tank

I made a water tank to provide the animals with water, without having to buy an expensive water barrel. Since the IBC containers in RL are to be had for a small amount of money I thought so what should you have for the beginning. Unfortunately you can not unload at the water triggers, if the keg does not hang on a vehicle. (At least I did not get it any other way). That’s why I missed the tank from the Warzee spreader. Simply pick up the IBC container with the bale spike and connect it. Already you can fill the tank at each waterhole and empty it again with the animals!
Not tested in multiplayer!
Price: 100 €
Capacity: 2000 liters
If anyone knows how to empty the container in the animals even without Attacher, the mod can rebuild and like to downlod again. Then you could use it, as in real, with a normal pallet fork!