FS22 Volkswagen T6 Multivan 2016 v1.2

The VW T6 Multivan 2016 is the 6th generation of the VW “T” series. He has ingame over 5 passenger seats + driver. In addition, various skins and bars for blue/orange light.

– Rear extensions added
– All skins renewed
– Added BALM skin
– Added Emergency Doctor Yellow skin
– British skins removed
– Added new RLT blue light system
– Added new DBS4000
– Added RTK7
– Added Hänsch Saturn (TschiZack).
– Added matrix (front + rear).
– Texts on the bars can be configured with the skins
-Whelen Justice removed
– Premium hazard removed
– DBS5000 temporarily removed
– New dashboard
– Added RealGPS
– Added WorkCamera
– Added door collisions
– Fire brigade in action – Decal added (only if color is chosen)
– Dashboard Live installed

2 engine variants
10 skins
Blue light configuration
Orange light configuration
Trailer hitch (configurable)
Horn is disabled when blue light is not selected
Passenger function (Kubota required)
Interior lighting (via SimpleIC)
Animated doors (via SimpleIC)

Changelog v1.0
Reworked ambulance skin
Mountain Rescue Skin revised
Communal skin reworked
Ostbeck skin revised
Added Ostbeck skin in white
Whelen Justice upgraded to 2 bars
Upgraded premium hazard to 2 bars.


Real Life Team TschiZack