FS19 Valzelli Pack v3

Valzelli Pack contains (at the moment):
– Valzelli VI/140
– Xtreme 8
– Valzelli 4X

Various capacity configurations.
Customizable wheels
Customizable decals
Various colours selectable.
Adjustable drawbar (4X and Xtreme 8 version)

Changelog v.
– Added new model (Xtreme 8)
– Fixed second wheel configuration on VI/140
– Improved fillplane
– Improved dirt and wear map
– Fixed discharge particle position

Changelog v.
– Added new model (Valzelli 4X)
– Fixed discharge particle (Valzelli VI/140)
– Fixed little issues (Valzelli VI/140)
– Added complete animated axles on Valzelli VI/140 (default on 4X and Xtreme 8)
– Clean log file

Note: continuously updated. New tools soon.