FS22 Titan Grain Containers

Grain containers are used for the shipment of bulk goods by ship and rail.

General characteristics:
– Category: Tools / Miscellaneous
– All bulk products on the map can be loaded.
– Easy to stack one on top of the other, leave one on top of the other and it will automatically stack correctly (do not stack containers of different lengths).
– Compatible with Platinum Expansion DLC loaders.
– Sticker configuration: Titan (Manufacturer), 15 container shipping companies, Lizard, Farming Simulator 22, Logistic Company and no stickers.
– Deck configuration: Yes or No
– Color configurations: Main color, stripes, cover and stickers.
– 64 colors available for all color configurations (metallic, matte and chrome).

Individual features:
20FT/25FT Grain Container:
– Base price: 3.800 $.
– Size configurations: 20FT, 20FT High Cube, 25FT and 25FT High Cube
– Capacities: 27.800 liters, 32.200 liters, 35.800 liters and 41.200 liters.
– Unrealistic capacities for the 4 sizes: 150.000 Liters.

30FT/35FT Grain Container:
– Base price: 4,800 $
– Sizes configuration: 30FT, 30FT High Cube, 35FT and 35FT High Cube
– Capacities: 44.800 liters, 51.200 liters, 53.800 liters and 60.200 liters.
– Unrealistic capacities for the 4 sizes: 200.000 Liters.

40FT/45FT Grain Container:
– Base price: 5,800 $
– Size configurations: 40FT, 40FT High Cube, 45FT and 45FT High Cube
– Capacities: 61.800 liters, 70.200 liters, 69.800 liters and 79.200 liters.
– Unrealistic capacities for the 4 sizes: 250.000 Liters.