FS22 Pallet Storage

Do you need a warehouse to temporarily store your numerous pallets until the prices are optimal?
Then this pallet storage could be just right for you.
This warehouse for pallet products works like a silo.
You can not only store products, but also normal crops like wheat etc.
Mod products can also be stored as long as they have been defined as PRODUCT.
The products can be loaded and transported with the special product transporters, that are part of this mod.
In the product transporters, the products are transported invisibly, so they are not transformed back into visible pallets.

Capacities and prices:
Large pallet warehouse: 20,000,000 liters – $20,000
3x medium pallet storage: 2,000,000 liters – $10,000
Small pallet warehouse: 500,000 liters – $5,000
Product transporter: 15,000 liters – $5,000
Large product transporter: 50,000 liters – $10,000