FS22 Malinovka Map v1.0.0.1

The “Malinovka” map was created based on a fictitious area, adhering to the Russian area and landscapes of Central Russia. About the map: -32 fields -64 plots -4 settlements -3 livestock farms -8 industries -7 points of sale Additionally: -Additional crop Timofeevka Lugovaya, Lucerne -Local harvest calendar -Climate of Central Russia -Weed and refined grain -Changed textures of corn chaff and hay -The difference between textures between chaff and haylage -Russian license plates -Coins on the map for searching -Various trifles and slugs on the map Seed protector – Feed plant – Sugar factory – Bakery – Dairy plant – Pasta shop – Sawmill – Hayloft – 3 silos – Liquid manure lagoon – Sand quarry. Changes v1.0.0.1: -Fixed flying objects; -Increased production speed; -Ability to sell the trigger at home; -Removed people standing at the production; -Reduced weight of sand; -Added career icon; -Fixed terrain along the road near the dairy and in the fields; -Increased the price of refined grain; -Replaced the texture of the sand; -Corrected cow parsnip; – Improved the territory of the pigsty; -Grain waste has been renamed to bran. Also, now in the grain cleaner you can process the cleaned grain into bran, and use them when feeding cows and pigs; -Chastically fixed a bug with precision farming; – Minor visual improvements. For a complete renewal job, it is advisable to start a new career.


TheGoodBoss (Константин Пислегин)