FS22 Log Leveller

Log leveller is used to get logs levelled so these will fit nicely on the truck. You can use it for logs length from 4m to 7m.
Using: Grab logs with loader from pile. Put them to the log leveller and open the claws. Then load levelled logs to the truck.
If you want to adjust logs length, enter the log leveller.
If you need to move log leveller a bit by a loader, always fold it before (when unfolded it has some extra mass for better stability)

Adjust logs length: AXIS_CRANE_ARM (left mouse X axis default) (machine will be set up to corresponding length depending on selected controls group (4,5,6,7m or custom))

Shop category: Forestry Equipment
Price: 35000 $
Color configuration
Logs length: 4 – 7 m