FS19 John Deere 8000i Series Pack

Hi, I presenting here the my all series John Deere 8000i in the completely under standards FS19.
This mod has been improved and renewed a lot.
Mod runs completely on FS19 standard features and don’t hat any errors in LOG!
I hope you will like the mod and and you’ll appreciate my effort.

Features / Functions Mod:

New System Texture UDIM
Door opening
Engine selection
Interior light
Mod is completely animated
License plates configuration
Full lighting
Tires Configurations (Trelleborg and Michelin)
Mod gets dirty and washes
Agravis Logo configuration
Seat suspension
All things on displays are aniamted
And more other features……

What does the package contain?

>>> John Deere 8000i Series <<< >>> John Deere Kemper 390 Plus <<< >>> Zurn Profi Cut 620 <<< >>> John Deere 686 <<< >>> John Deere 649 <<< >>> John Deere 659 <<< *** No errors in LOG!!! *** —>IMPORTANT!!!<—

*Please keep only my download link!
*Please don’t release edit this version!
*The ban on taking the mod to other forums with changed content post!


Most Sinister, DR_Modding, Quadwar

Uploaded by Quadwar