FS22 John Deere 7R Series 2020

John Deere 7R series tractors combine a low total weight with high performance.
This agile tractor not only speeds up transports, but also drives any operation forward.

Model year: 2020
Max speed: 50km/h
Price: $187,500
Power: 285 hp to 388 hp

– Motor configuration
– Transmission configuration
– StarFire configuraiton
– Additional lights configuration
– Halogen or LED lights configuration
– Display configuration
– Radio system configuration
– Seat controls configuration
– Fenders configuration
– Exhaust configuration
– Warning signs configuration
– Front mount configuration
– Various wheel configurations
– Seat material configuration
– Additional equipment configuration

Prepared for Interactive Control (FS22_interactiveControl)
Prepared for passenger script (FS22_Kubota DLC)
Prepared for Precision Farming DLC

Custom sounds (Thanks to FS_Pal).
Many thanks to Chrisi136 for making prefab for StarFire 7000 and also many thanks to Greenlandfarming for making model for halogen bonnet lights.