FS22 John Deere 1275 Bale Wagons

This is a set of bale wagons bolted on top of a John Deere 1275 running gear. There are two options: A round bale wagon and a flatbed wagon. The round bale wagon will autoload most sizes of round bales, and the flatbed wagon will autoload most sizes of square and round bales except for small squares. These wagons also have the ability to have straps so they can be used to move around objects other than bales.
The John Deere 1275 running gear was manufactured by Deere and Co. from 1970 to 1987. It has tandem axels that allow it to carry up to 12 imperial tons or 12.2 metric tons of weight. The bale wagons bolted on top are based on real-world designs.
Base Price:
Steel color options
Wood color options
Bulkheads yes/no
Extension for tandem pulling
Pre-1976 yellow Deere logo and post-1976 black Deere logo


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