FS22 Industrial BGA

Through enhanced procesing the outputs of the BGA have been improved to offer increased profitabiltiy and fermentation speeds.
Additionally through combining fermentation mediums even great profits and speeds can be achieved.
As the outputs can be stored filling and charging points for methane and electric powered vehicles are provided and this also allows compatabilty with the modular BGA.

Increases in value comared to selling raw inputs:
Silage -> ~200%
Slurry and Manure -> ~1000%
Cut and whole sugarbeet -> ~300%
Potatoes -> ~200%
Straw -> ~150%
Silage and slurry combined -> ~300%
Straw and Slurry combined -> ~400%

Price: £250,000
Maintenance costs: £250/day

Silage, Slurry, Manure and Straw -> 500,000L each
Cut Sugarbeet, Sugarbeet and Potaotes -> 90,000L each
Digestate -> 10,000,000L
Electric Charge -> 1,000,000kW
Methane -> 1,000,000L


Disturbed Simulations