FS22 Green Gold Farm

Green Gold Farm,inspired by a real farm located in the southern region of Brazil Paraná,
it is a farm located in the municipality of Cambé northern region of Paraná metropolitan region of Londrina,
the land is land of white grains such as soy sorghum wheat and some land leased for the cultivation of sugar cane.

Rhe region has 3 dams, one of them on the farm where you can get Aqua for the animals or water the crops in the greenhouses.

– Has 4 forest areas to explore.
– Has 2 grain sales, cooperative and pioneer agroindustry
– Sale of wool, cotton, may be made in spinning be made in spinning
– A logger for selling logs and can also be purchased to increase earnings from timber
– Main headquarters has a house, silo, cows,2 sheds.
– Sell all Items from the factories Can be made in the Supermarket.
-You can also sell grains at the bakery or you can buy it and increase the profits of its products.
– Milk will also be sold at millmont dairy.
– Limestone mine where you can pick up with your truck or trailer.
– Work with the new Black Bean crop.
– Some of the companies close their doors at the end of the day
-Sugarcane can be sold at the sugarcane mill that works from 5 am to 7 pm, so you can make the most of the daylight


naimog mod/Dilsão gamer