FS22 Claas Lexion Mega Pack

Claas Lexion Mega Pack 5300-6900 series for FS 2022 with Simple IC Animations

Functions mod:
*All standard function FS2022
*Config model 5300-6900 (313hp-790hp)
*Capacity config 9000l-18000l
*Simple IC(door,ladder,side flaps,sun vison,passenger seat)
*New real dirt specular
*Pipe config
*Ladders config
*Straw distribution config (width:6m-14m)
*Wheels config and crawler
*Animation of a radial spreader
*Configuration of grain tanks
*Numbers config(1-5)
*Triangle Warning
*Color config
*Claas Convio Flex 1080/1380
*Claas Vario 770



Uploaded by Fendt94