FS22 Claas Jaguar 830-900

A significant power milestone was passed in 2001, with 445 kW (605 hp) under the bonnet of the JAGUAR 900.
Even the smallest model in the family delivered a highly impressive 236 kW (321 hp).
The proven basic structure and visual design were taken over essentially unchanged from the predecessor family, with some new features such as mudguards above the wheels steering the machine, and the contemporary tailgate design.
The driver workstation was completely redesigned, however. All functions were easily set and monitored from the terminal. For example, the cutting cylinder sharpening process could be controlled from the driver’s seat, and the optimum shear bar setting could be selected.
To ensure that the JAGUAR could be on the spot, ready to start work, at the same time as the tractor and transport vehicles, as from the 2003 season, there was a fast travel SPEEDSTAR version available by request, with a top speed of 40 km/h.

Jaguar 830-900
Price: $140,000
Engine configurations:
– 830 (321 HP)
– 850 (389 HP)
– 870 (438 HP)
– 890 (503 HP)
– 900 (605 HP)

– Wheels options
– Weight option +800KG
– silageAdditives option
– lights options
– decals options

Price: $22,000
Working width: 3,0 meters

Price: $46,000
Working width: 6 meters (8rows)