FS22 Case IH Magnum 260 Sugarcane

The Case IH Magnum 260 Canavieiro is a new release in Farming Simulator 22. It is a powerful and versatile tractor designed for the sugarcane sector. With advanced technology and customizable features, it offers exceptional performance and efficiency in sugarcane harvesting. Its comfortable cabin and ergonomic design provide a pleasant experience for the operator.
The Magnum 260 Canavieiro is an exciting addition to the game, offering an authentic and realistic experience in virtual agriculture.

This is an official partnership between Case IH and Connect Modding.

Case IH Magnum 260 Canavieiro:
Price: €282,000
Maximum Power with Boost: 284 hp
Maximum speed power: 40 km/h
Configurations for front weights, wheel weights, cabin curtains, glass clarity, alert signals, and plates.
Animations: Opening doors, Front hood, steering wheel tilt, and interior curtain adjustment.


Case IH Brasil e Connect Modding