FS22 Bunker Silo Worker

Ever gotten tired of driving back and forth to compact your silage pit? Bunker Silo Worker is here to help you!

Just put a tractor in the bunker silo in approximately the direction you want it to work and press your usual Hire Worker button (default: ‘h’) to start the worker.
The worker will drive back and forth, shifting slightly to the side each pass. The worker will also try to stay on the chaff, if possible.

The margins the worker keeps towards the sides of the bunker is configurable (default: ‘left ctrl + up/down/left’). This can be useful if you think the worker drives too close to the bunker walls, or not close enough. The margins can be visualized with ‘left ctrl + v’.

– Start your silage session by unloading one or a few loads of chaff into the bunker silo.
– Using a spare tractor, start the Bunker Silo Worker in the bunker silo.
– While the worker is compacting, you can still collect more loads of chaff and unload it into the bunker silo. As soon as another vehicle enters the bunker silo, the Bunker Silo Worker will halt its operation, waiting patiently for you to unload your trailer.
– Avoid building steep heaps of chaff as this will only make the worker get stuck. Instead try to slightly spread out the chaff as you unload your trailer.

– Implements not supported (yet). You must use a tractor without attached implements.
– Multiplayer not supported (yet).
– Bunker silos with modular/arbitrary size and shape doesn’t work well with Bunker Silo Worker as of now. The standard, rectangular shaped, fixed size bunker silos works the best.