FS22 VOLVO F16 V1.0.0.1

This is an improvement based on the F16 from Platinum Expansion. You don’t need to own the DLC to run this mod. This mod currently includes 1 tractor.

-I haven’t modified its original specifications. What I did was add realistic suspension animation,  openable door and window, fog lights and cockpit lights, and other minor adjustments.

-Mod support and recommendations:

Interactive Control

Vehicle Sleeper Cab

-Attention! Those FH16 are now real rear-drive tractor rather than official all-wheel drive. Please avoid driving them on rough ground. Center of mass and tire friction parameters are also in line with reality. If it is attached to a semi-trailer with a rearward center of mass or a high scale of tire friction, this will cause the vehicle to suffer from inadequate wheel grip.


-Added configuration of cab, bumper color and work lights. And some minor adjustments.