FS22 MAZ 55026 v1.1

Fire truck MAZ-55026 for working with the Emergency Pack mod. The mod is based on two mods – Ziegler TLF4000 MAN TGM TG3 and TschiZack and MAZ. Specifications: – Power: 400 – 430 hp. (three engines with different sounds) – Speed: 110 km/h – Fuel tank 120 liters – Water tank capacity: 4000 liters – Engine configurations, brand and ring shapes, cabin lining design, flashing lights design and rim colors – Animations on the fireman module with Simple IC (opening the hatches on the sides and at the stern, activating the spotlight, opening the ladder and the model on the roof). – Cost: 445490 years. Controlling the MAZ fire truck: X – deploy the fire module B – turn on the water cannon Ctrl+Numpad 1 – turn off the siren Ctrl+Numpad 4 – switch the siren tone Ctrl+U – run the Emergency Pack script Simple IC is required.


SoSi-Modding, TschiZack, Cheb_mods