FS22 Lizard Diamond

Lizard Diamond Large European Truck with High Pull Force and Quirky Cab Style,
designed for long-distance cargo transportation in Europe,
Stands out for its aerodynamic design, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort.

Engine: DXi-480 DXi-715 DXi-1130 DXi-1535
-Interior Color Configuration
-Main Color Settings
-Secondary Color Settings
-Vinyl Color Configuration
-Rim Color Configuration
-Vinyl Configuration

DXi-480 price: 115,000 $
DXi-715 price: 120,000 $
DXi-1130 price: 135,000 $
DXi-1535 Price: 160,000 $


raulycristi1 / Vanquish081 [VRS Modding Sur]