FS22 Western Dakota Mining Map v1.0.0.0

Welcome to a map that focuses on mining and public works. The idea behind this map is that the local town went bust, people left, and there’s nothing really left; it’s been abandoned. But life can be brought back. Nearly the entire town can be leveled (besides the gas station, which has work that can be done to it). Yes, every thing can be destroyed, meaning you need the Platinum Expansion. It’s not just the buildings that can be demolished though, many of the rocks throughout the map can either be demolished or picked up and hauled away.

Outside of the town, there are multiple mines. Some are underground, in cave structures. Others are more open pit. There is also a small village that needs to be rebuilt after a mud slide destroyed it. And then there’s more, as there is also a small area with a couple of houses, that also needs taking care of. But to get there, you have to navigate another hill collapse. Oh, and there are no bridges, you’ll have to build those as well.

Outside of that, there is a lot of mud, meaning you need the Mud System, which can be downloaded via the official mod hub. And then if you get bored, there is also a marble mine, with some marble blocks that need to be hauled away.

We will also be releasing a couple of production mods for this map, which are edits of existing mods, that bring a bit more to the game. That will be another post though.

To get the most out of this map, you need TerraFarm. You can get it from us, or really anyone. Our version is the one from FSMiner’s page, and we’ve just added a bunch of other mods to it.

Now simply, this is the map I’ve wanted. It has the features I want, and maybe it has the features you want. This was really a test map for me. I plan to use what I learned, and what I gathered, to build up another map in the future, but this will do for awhile.


Western Dakota Mining

Uploaded by Duke_Mining