FS22 Valtra M120-M150

The 4 cylinder M series was introduced back in 2003 with four models, M120, M120e, M130 and M150. It was considered to be quite a large for a 4 cylinder tractor, though they still are used and liked as frontloader tractors.

M120, M120e, M130, M150
Category: medium tractors
Power range: 120-150 hp
Base price: 55 000 $


– Color: normal / metallic / matte colors, Claas special color scheme, grille color
– Reverse drive control (Twin Trac)
– Front and rear fenders
– Wheel weights
– Front linkage / front weight holder
– 500 000th Valtra special edition
– Beacon lights (front and back)
– Dashboard
– etc.

Features openable doors and rear window via mouse control or Interactive Control on PC.