FS22 T8 South America

The T8 line is there to serve modern agriculture and demanding producers. Robust and versatile, it provides up to 410 HP with the assistance of EPM for daily field operations.

– Price: 280,000 $
– Power: 320, 380, 435 hp
– Category: Large Tractors
– Tank capacity: 647L
– Transmission: variable CVT
– Weight: 12.6 tons
– Maximum speed: 53 km/h
– Wheels: standard tires, wide tires, double tires and Lizard rice tire.
– Animations: Accelerator, Joystick.
– Configurations: fenders, wheels, emergency lights, glass, weights and cane protectors, wheel counterweights, exhaust fans, engine and radio antenna.
– Colors: base, wheel color.
– Optional reverse sound
– Compatible with Kubota DLC “Passenger”