FS22 New Holland T7 SWB/LWB

The T7 line tractors are robust and resistant, with excellent work capacity and a perfect relationship between productivity and economy. With a wide range of models, the producer can choose the one that best fits his needs, guaranteeing the return on investment and the best performance. In this mod you can find the t7 SWB and LWB tractors to choose the one that best fits your farm.
Individual tractor specifications

– Price: $182000
– Power: 212, 262, 223, 273, 241 and 291 hp
– Power models: T7 240, 240 Chiptuning, 245, 245 Chiptuning, 260 and 260 Chiptuning respectively the powers of the previous topic
– Optional tires Continental, Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg, Vredestein and Lizard rice paddies

– Price: $141000
– Power: 177, 217, 193, 233, 201, 241, 209 and 249 hp
– Power models: T7 175, 175 Chiptuning, 190, 190 Chiptuning, 195, 195 Chiptuning, 205 and 205 Chiptuning
– Continental, Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg, Vredestein, Dry Lizard and Rice Lizard tire options
– Old and new model cabin option

General specifications of the models
– Optional single, balloon, double and sugar cane tires
– Optional coupling for front loader
– 2 optional front weights along with the option of having or not having the rear linkage
– Controllable window, door, seat, sunshade, steering column and mirror animations
– Optional normal, straight and short straight exhaust
– Optional rear weights along with front fenders
– Optional chain, toolbox and water container
– Optional antenna
– 4 shades of glass
– Optional front auxiliary light
– Optional audible signal when engaging reverse gear
– Optional radio and thermos inside
– Optional numbers from 1 to 9
– It has optional bodywork colors and wheels
– Add-on Isaria Pro Compact sensor possible, requires Precision Farming DLC
– Compatible with ride-hailing system, Requires Kubota DLC
– Has the hook function when approaching the rear hitch, requires the Volvo DLC


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