FS22 Multifunction Bucket Pack

The THIEVIN company offers you, in its range of accessories for front loaders, the multifunction bucket with frog fingers. This model is available in 4 models from 2100 mm wide to 2700 mm. This bucket is equipped with an 8 mm thick steel shell, it is dedicated to be used for all types of agricultural work with agricultural tractors up to 150 hp.


Width: from 2.10m to 2.70m
Capacity: from 1600L to 2300L
Price: from 2400$ to 3200$
Weight: from 512kg to 663kg
Options: Cheeks, jaws with teeth
Models: MUL2R-D-210, MUL2R-D-230, MUL2R-D-245, MUL2R-D-270