FS22 Mars The Mission

Welcome to the Mars Colony Commander, This map is all about survival, so put your man pants on and lets get started!

– 1 Farmland.
– 15 Fields.
– 3 Factories
– 1 Sellpoint
– Only New Farmer mode supported in the map, the others are irrelevant.
– Use the Export To Earth Port to sell your products and fruit to Earth and the Colony Food Storage for storing your fruit for the Colony.
– To win the game you need to terraform Mars atmosphere in 20 Years. To achieve this you have to plant 10000 trees, have 20 Large Bee hives, 160 Cows, 720 Chicken, 195 Sheep, 540 Pigs and 800 000 Liters each of any 6 Crops in your Storage Bins.