FS22 Lizard 3000 Slurry Spreader

The Tandem Tanker range are built standard with a self-steer Bogie system,
Parabolic Weight Sensing Sprung Drawbar, MEC 11,000 pump, hydraulic 420 X 180 brakes with 120 sq. Axle,
LED lights, side amber lights, power brake system, rear hydraulically operated and include heavy duty outlet valve,
inverted spreading plate, One blank fill point with 2” wash trap, Two complete quick attach fill points,
24” rear door & mudguards, one front blank fill point, 20ft of 6” suction hose and a DM Band Spreader bracketry.

Price: 22750 $
Capacity: 13638 l


4D Modding - Eire Agri Modding