FS22 Liebherr SC350T

This machine can be used for loading and unloading shipping containers of different sizes.
Supported containers:
– Wood container from Platinum DLC
– 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft and 45ft containers from Hispano modding
Wood containers can be attached via tension belts only

Shop category: Miscellaneous vehicles
Price: 340000 $
Power: 462 HP
Max. speed: 63 kph
Stacking height: 3 containers
Color configurations

Default controls:
Lift container – AXIS_CRANE_ARM2
Side move – AXIS_CRANE_ARM
Resize grapple – AXIS_CRANE_ARM3
Rotate seat – AXIS_CRANE_ARM4

Don’t resize grapple (AXIS_CRANE_ARM3) when containers is attached. Otherwise container will change position.

Recommended mods (by Hispano):
Grain Containers

Tank Containers

Tipping Container Trailer Pack