FS22 Leona PA, A 4x Lidar based 1x map v1.0.0.0

Hey Guys and welcome to Leona PA, A Lidar based 1x map.
Based in north central Pennsylvania, Leona was my biggest mapping project I’ve ever attempted. Between everything that’s gone into it and the struggle with commitment for the map. It’s been a major project for me. However, now after 8 months of work, I am more than happy to present to y’all the map I envisioned all those months ago.
The map Features –
Two Dairy Farms
One larger dairy farm running roughly 500/600 head and a smaller tie stall farm running that of only 60/100 head.
Silage Corn – has been added to simulate the increased tonnage from BMR corn and to provide the base game chopped texture.
Added Feed Fill Types – you can now feed wet cake, cracked corn, and ccm to your dairy cattle.
Feed Ration –
Hay – min 10% and up to 75%
Silage – 25% and up to 75%
Straw – 0% – to 30%
Mineral Feed and or Cracked Corn – 0% to 20%
Wet Cake and or CCM – 5% – 20%
1 Sell point For standard Crops along with a milk sell-point
Crop textures by – AW Modding (Corn/Maize), Grass (Calmsden Grass by Oxygen David)
Custom Seasons Geo – (Westby geo, Double Cropping is possible and encouraged.)
Muti Terrain Angle Supported
The main bunkers on the map do not support CCM, to create CCM you will need to place down a Havestor that has been included in the map. I have left this up to player choice however, the smaller farm already support CCM production.
Due to the functionality of FS22, the bunkers have silage that clips through them, to fix this I have included easy dev controls.
For uses, hit f12, and click on the tab that has a box, from there you should see something that states “clear tip area” select the crop type you wish to remove and adjust width accordingly, I use 1/2 meter for best effect.
Mazie Plus is not support – However, you can still use it, the draw back is that you will loose functionality of the new fill types added through the map. no wetcake, no cracked corn.
Sincerely – Large H Mapping and SquatchMonky


Large H Mapping

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