FS22 Kinze Mach Till And Degelman Pro-Till Pack

The Kinze Mach Till is a versatile, heavy built, low maintenance high-speed disk
that prepares seed beds in the spring and incorporates residue in the fall.
By combining the benefits of vertical tillage, conventional horizontal tillage,
and soil finishing into one machine, it operates at high speeds without creating compaction
layers and produces an eye appealing finish. Agronomic benefits include nutrient cycling and
improved soil density for water infiltration and reduced erosion.

Models: Mach Till 261 and 401, Pro-Till 26 and 40
Working Speed: 20 km/h (12.5 mph)
Working Width: 7.9m and 12.2m (26ft and 40ft)
Power requirements: 390-620 hp
Price: USD $72,500.00 – 108,000.00


KMN Modding