FS22 John Deere 6M Series

– Price: 90000
– Power: 110/140
– Top Speed: 43 Km/h
– Tire Option
– Original Rim and Weight
– Front Weight, Front Pto Option
– Front Loader (Bucket) Option
– Main and Rim Color Option
– Window Film Option
– Sticker Option
– GPS Option
– Beacon Lamp Option
– License Plate Support

Features That Can Be Done with Interactive Control

– Starting the Engine
– Cruise Control
– Opening the Quads
– Turning On Beacon Lights
– Turning on the Headlights
– Turning on High and Low Beams
– Turning on the Cabin Front and Rear Lights
– Rear PTO (PTO) Operation (From Inside and Outside of the Tractor)
– Checking Hydraulic Arms (From Inside and Outside of the Tractor)
– Turning the Radio On and Off, Changing the Radio Channel



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