FS22 Zdziechów v1.0.0.1

Welcome to Zdziechów!
Welcome to Mazovia! This is a Polish map modeled on a real village in the center of the Masovian Voivodeship.

Map offers:
– 5 Villages
– 5 Farms
– 133 Fields with meadow
– 173 Farmlands
– 20 Selling points for your goods also production goods
– 3 production points (dairy, sawmill, spinning mill)
– 2 gas stations
– Lime buying point
– 2 Forests
– Polish license plates
– Custom traffic license plates
– Traffic and pedestrians
– Animated door and light
– Automatic lighting after dark
– Paintable new types of foliage
– Custom textures for grass and decofoliage
– Custom terrain textures
– Paintable terrain textures (paving, etc.)
– Placeable silo on farm
– Placeable house on farm
– 3 water points- hydrants(You can fill water from water ponds, ditches)
– Custom sounds on map
– POM on roads etc.

– patch 1.3 support
– multi terrain angle added
– new environment lighting
– new custom trees textures
– small mistakes corrected
– added 2 selling points, so now after buying production you can still sell your goods (polmlek, spinning mill)

New savegame required.

All Farming Simulator 22 standards.
And a lot more… Hope you enjoy map!


SAYMON345 OalePadaka

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