FS22 Forest Challenge

I present to you the RunForestRun map that I have created for those who want to cut wood or are looking for a challenge!
!!IMPORTANT!!!! The challenge is to cut your way out of the forest to create an area, then you can cut your way into the land!
-All the player decides what he wants!
-You can start with 0 money because you get the tools and the land with one handover and the rest is up to you!
-There is a lot of wood that you can only carry with a small tractor and a loader at first!
-I urge everyone to start their rescue in easy game mode!
-You need to buy a chainsaw first, then you can buy the bigger logging machines!

You can find:
-You can find some stones on it!
-There’s also a piece of land that you can cut through the forest if you want!
-There is no water source.

-Good luck with the map!