FS22 Evergreen Valley

Welcome to Evergreen Valley!
Evergreen Valley is a fictional place, situated in a unique geographic region that offers a fascinating mix of economic activities.
The north is home to mines that extract a variety of valuable mineral resources, contributing significantly to the region’s economy.
To the south, the topography smoothes out to give way to vast expanses of fertile land. In this region, agriculture is the predominant activity.
Evergreen Valley thus stands out as a place where nature harmoniously joins human activity, creating a unique atmosphere that combines the harshness of mining with the beauty and fertility of agricultural lands.

The map contains:
– 39 new products
– Train
– Various points of sale
– point of sale to sell everything
– 41 purchasable plots of land
– 31 fields
– Collectibles
– and more

The production of energy necessary for various productions to function (using a generator or a coal plant to produce energy)
Use the DISTRIBUTE function to ensure that energy reaches your productions.


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