FS22 Case IH Puma SWB - LWB

Case IH’s Puma tractors are the perfect combination of weight and power. Designed to offer a complete agricultural mechanization system, they guarantee operational performance with maximum efficiency and versatility, in any type of application, even in harsh conditions.

-Brand: Case-IH
-Price: 120.000$, 150.000$;
-Power: 185hp, 234hp;
-Category: Medium tractors;
-Maximum speed: 40 km/h;
-Fuel Tank: 395L, 410L;
-Cane wheels and couplings;
-Controllable Animations: Door, Rear Window, Seat Distance, Hood Open, Steering Wheel Column, Seat Rotation, Curtain;
-Settings: Front Weights, Wheel Weights, Windows and Curtain;


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