FS22 Agricultural Land

Welcome to the Terre Agricole region, welcome to the citizen!

The Terre agricole region with its well-known districts of Brugees as well as GuetGuetCity as well as three other independent towns is a region shaped by agriculture and these reliefs. In large parts of breeding.
In addition, with its dairy, beef, pig and sheep production, it is one of the most efficient processing regions in the world.
The forestry sector is becoming more and more important in this sector of the region.

– 212 fields
– 241 agricultural lands
– 14 forests
– Average field size of 1.25 ha
– 5 farms
– 30 points of sale
– Animal grazing
– 2 biogas installations
– 6 pond-type water points
– 1 placeable area
– New crop texture (wheat, oats, rapeseed, barley and corn)
– Added new soil texture (plowing, semi, lime and others)
– New activation logo
– Bulk storage area
– Rugby field
– Karting circuit
– Motocross circuit


Dezign Farming Official