FS22 Goldcrest Valley 22 v1.0.0.2

Welcome to Goldcrest Valley. This is conversion of Goldcrest Valley, base map from FS17.

Map contains:
– 33 fields
– 7 sell points including train sell point
– Wood train sell point
– 5 production buildings
– Sawmill
– 6 purchasable forests
– In new player mode, you get a pre-built farm with cow barn, sheep barn, chicken barn and machines.

Have a lot of fun

Changelog v1.0.0.1
– Added collectibles.
– Added pig barn.
– Sheep barn fence is now saleable.
– Removed non saleable shed at sheep barn.
– Farm barn is now saleable.
– Farm ground borders are now part the farm house, so they can be sold.
– Added missing platform at train wood loading station, removed pile of wood and parked cars.
– Added missing concrete floor at Gas Station.
– Reduced price of BGA and added bunker silo.
– Fixed terrain deform on the road at the dairy.
– Fixed and repainted ground in the barn at main farm.
– Replaced texture of concrete.

New savegame is required

Changelog v1.0.0.2
– All farmlands now can be bought.

New game save is not required..