FS22 Wośnice

Welcome to the fictional map of Wośnice.
– Map adapted for Precision Farming
The map has:
– One farm (cows)
– 126 fields
– Buying animals
– 11 different sales stations
– Vehicle traffic
– Pedestrian traffic (even in several buildings)
– Machine shop
– Sawmill
– A liming station
– Gas station
– The dairy
– The forest
– The mill
– New grass textures
– Snow on roofs in winter
– 50 toys to find
– A place to build your farm
– 5 Uploaded new buildings to be constructed

It is a convert (with an upgrade) of the map from FS19. Here’s what has changed from the previous version:
– A new part of the map has been added with 14 new fields
– Pedestrians added
– Added findable toys
– Purchases have been improved with the addition of more
– Map endings have been improved
– Some visual bugs have been fixed
You will find more yourself! I wish you a long game!