FS22 Agrodaje

– Welcome to Agrodaje. The map 4x is fully adapted for multiplayer. I hope that the map will meet the requirements of the players. On the map you can find:
– 1 city and 3 villages,
– 6 farm locations,
– 4x biogas plants,
– Machine store in the center of the map,
– Vehicle repair shop (and their vehicle sale),
– Sawmill,
– Very large forest,
– 253 plots,
– 19 purchasing centres including 4 railroad ones,
– 5 railroad warehouses,
– 4 railroads,
– 4 liming stations,
– 9 production facilities,
– 4 animal purchase points (each in a different location),
– 6 fuel stations (variable fuel prices),
– Street and pedestrian traffic,
– 4 E-charging stations,
– 2 rock crushers.

The map is more difficult and challenging than the current standard. However, I think that this will not be a problem for players who are looking for realism. I wish you a nice game and a lot of fun.