!!! Be sure to read to the end !!!
>>>> This is, after about a year’s time it seems you map Osina V1 !!
>>>> The mapping is based on a real village and land on the border province. Lower Silesia and Opole, near my village.
The map put his whole heart and devoted hundreds of hours in order to best reproduce it, what I have in some 85% because farms which are located on the map does not exist, there are normal houses. I added a few items also from each other.
>>>> So, after a short introduction time for the description of the map: D
It has:
– Two playable farms, one focused on livestock production or cows (pigs, unfortunately, is not because I did not have too much where to locate), the second plant.
– Purchase of cereals on the old state-owned farms sculptures, (a particular type of grain sold in another building)
– Purchase of animals also PGR-sculptures
Shop with machines and operating equipment reset
– 46 fields ranging in size from a few acres to about 5 hectares of meadows and 3 (unfortunately they are not purchased)
– As I mentioned incredibly mapped area of ​​Lower Silesia, which will not find on any other map
– Chopped straw
– Doors and gates opened with the mouse
– Lamps on the button
– The possibility of storage of crops in one of the halls on the farm with silo
– And much much more about what to convince themselves



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