LS2013 NC Engineering 41ft bale trailer

A decent sized autostacker bale trailer, finished in terms of auto stacking but unfinished in terms of a normal bale trailer.

It takes bales of

BALETYP_BIG: Kuhn 1290iD sized bales (44)

BALETYP_ROUND: JD 864 180 Sized bales (26)

BALETYP_NORMAL: Claas quadrant 1200 sized bales (40)

BALETYP_SMALL: Mchale/Small/125 sized bales (48)


Now due to the UBT script this mod is only single player not multiplayer.

Giants, Mattxjs (FS-UK AgentObsidian), Sotillo (Adrian FMC), Peter (Petorious), Sven777b, Bassaddict